We undertake all types of engine work from cam belt failure, head gasket failure to complete engine recondition.

All work is carried out with our experienced team in our own workshop.

Our Engine work service consists of following Steps:

  1. Removed engine or cylinder head from the vehicle and auxiliaries.
  2. Totally stripped down to bare components and all old parts such as big ends, main bearings, pistons rings, bend valves, valve seals & gasket etc… Are removed and discarded.
  3. All removed parts are put into a chemical wash, which removes all metal debris and dirt, using a high pressure cleansing solution.
  4. All components are checked in accordance with manufacturers specifications. (Crankshaft, con rods, engine block, cylinder head and camshafts) and machined as required.
  5. The engine is assembled in a clean environment. Using all new gaskets , bearings, seals , piston rings etc…
  6. The engine or cylinder head is fitted back in vehicle with all auxiliaries with new oil & oil filter
  7. Once the engine is installed in the vehicle is given a full check over once again and engine run up to temperature before customer can collect.


For your peace of mind we guarantee all our work that leaves our workshop.

If you are a mobile mechanic, working from home or garage owner who is looking for a engine technician to recondition your engines, feel free to contact us to discuss our services and reasonable rates and we pride ourselves in offering a transparent pricing policy. The price we quote is the price you pay.


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