Car Remapping

Car Remapping, also known as Engine Control Unit (ECU) Remapping tweaks the onboard computer in your car to enhance engine performance, power and efficiency. New cars are effectively ‘de-tuned’ to comply with them regulations, climates and fuel contents of the regions they are distributed to, but we have the technical expertise to reprogram or rewrite this software.


• Increased Horsepower
• Increased Torque
• Better Throttle Response
• Improved Fuel Economy

We are so proud of our work that we provide a guarantee for every Engine Remap we do at our workshop. We pride ourselves in offering a transparent pricing policy, meaning that the price we quote is the price that you pay.

Call us on 01922 409070 or use our online booking form to get a quote, arrange a visit or request our Car Remapping services today!

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