Engine parts


As the name implies, piston rings are small metal rings that attach the outside of pistons in your engine to help the pistons perform smoothly. By helping to seal the combustion chamber, piston rings ensure that there are minimal losses of pressure and energy in the combustion process.

Piston Rings


Essential for starting petrol engines and sparking the combustion that powers your car, spark plugs are a small but mighty part of your engine. Without a working spark plug, you’d be unable to even start your engine, so it’s vital to maintain these little lightning bolts.

Spark Plugs


The fuel inlet links your fuel tank to the outside world, providing an easy way to refuel and helping your fuel tank to stay sealed and secure. Though it may seem like a simple thing, the fuel inlet comprises of multiple components and is essential for keeping your car up and running.

Fuel Inlets


An essential part of the combustion process, the camshaft controls the inlet and exhaust valves in an engine by turning in conjunction with the crankshaft. These parts are designed to work in precisely defined sequences, so even small defects can affect your engine’s performance and reliability.

Cam Shafts


Mechanical pumps work to supply coolant and fuel to where they are needed in the engine, ensuring that your engine keeps on pumping out power to the wheels. Pumps used in cars can vary greatly in size, power and purpose, so why not ask for help in finding the right pump for you?



At their most basic, valves are devices which regulate, direct or control fluid by controlling various passageways, such as the intake and exhaust valves in your engine. These valves are vital for controlling the flow of fuel into and out of the combustion chamber and ensuring the performance of your engine.



Gaskets are mechanical seals that fill the space between two mating surfaces, allowing for better seals and prevention of leakages. Gaskets are used with many parts, as well as obvious purposes such as preventing leaks around fuel valves and so on, so we stock a wide variety of gaskets.



Cambelts – also known as timing belts – are used to synchronise the rotation of the crankshaft and camshaft so that the valves of the engine open and close at the right times. Over time, timing belts may wear or deform, leading to engine issues, so make sure your belts are in good condition.

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