Carbon cleaning

Unfortunately, no matter how efficient your vehicle is, dirt, grime and residue will build up inside your engine, eventually harming performance, durability and safety. Over time, carbon deposits will build up in the combustion chamber, exhaust ports and CATs while the inlet valves and manifold ports suffer from tar build-up.

However, there’s an easy way to keep your car clean – inside and out – and efficient! Our carbon cleaning services use pressurised water and high-octane fuel to wash out and blow out all the dirt and residue inside your engine.


• A Smoother, Quieter Engine
• Better Throttle Response
• Restored MPG and Power
• More Fuel Efficiency
• Reduced Carbon Emissions
• Extended Engine Life

We are so proud of our work that we provide a guarantee for every Carbon Cleaning we do at our workshop. We pride ourselves in offering a transparent pricing policy, meaning that the price we quote is the price that you pay.

Call us on 01922 409070 or use our online booking form to get a quote, arrange a visit or request our Car Remapping services today!

Car Carbon Cleaning
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