If you’re having trouble with your tyres, or just want to update your tired old tyres, we have everything you need to keep rolling on at our garage in Walsall. Our experienced team of technicians and mechanics can diagnose a wide variety of tyre issues and help install new parts.


• Safety Checks
• Winter Tyres
• Run Flat Tyres
• 4×4 Tyres
• Van Tyres
• Caravan Tyres
• all-Season Tyres
• Energy Saving Tyres
• Tyre Fitting
• Tyre Maintenance
• Puncture Repairs
• Checking Tyre Pressure

Tyre Repair

We stock a wide variety of new and used big brand tyres to suit all your tyre needs, as well as offering professional fitting and inspection services to get you back on the road.

Call us on 01922 409070 or use our online booking form to get a quote, arrange a visit or request our services today!

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